Mainers help their neighbours in Lac-Mégantic in their time of need

 Lac-Mégantic, QC

Following a train derailment which claimed at least 42 lives and devastated a beautiful Quebec town, firefighters from several communities in Franklin County, Maine, immediately responded to help combat the blaze and provide much-needed assistance to the residents of Lac-Mégantic.

While the first responders ultimately returned to Maine, their willingness to help their neighbours didn’t end there.

The town of Farmington, ME–the sister city of Lac-Mégantic‒established a relief fund to help with the recovery.

Several other towns in Maine also pledged financial support to the town and its residents.

The matter received attention from many Mainers, including U.S. Senator Angus King who praised both Québec and Maine first responders in a speech on the Senate floor, Maine Governor Paul LePage, who attended the memorial mass service for the victims, and Maine State Legislators, who passed a joint resolution to express the State’s sympathy and condolences.

Additionally, libraries across the State of Maine are collecting book donations to help rebuild the library in Lac-Mégantic which was destroyed by the explosion, an effort led by the Farmington Public Library.

Maine’s compassion following this tragedy serves as another example of the enduring friendship between New England and Canada and the two countries’ commitment to helping each other in times of need.