Canada in Los Angeles


Canada is here
And Canada is here too
In Los Angeles
Our friendship is strong
California trades $44.8 billion dollars of goods with Canada each year
Goods exports from California (in $U.S. millions) in 2015
Canada is investing $795 million dollars over 5 years in clean energy technology
Our friendship is prosperous
1,850,000 Canadian tourists visit California yearly spending $1.7 billion dollars
Canada provides 1.2 million jobs in California annually
There are over 300 Canadian-owned companies in California that employ over 35,000 people
Companies like
Manufacturing, technology and innovation
Green technology
Real estate development
Investment finance insurance
Logistics and transportation
Telecommunications innovation
Entertainment, fashion, food and music
Canadian talent influence film, music and television
We are your friends
We are your neighbors
We are here
In Los Angeles