Honouring the Canadian-American Security Partnership in Minneapolis

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Flag Raising Ceremony, 15 April 2014, Canadian Army Reservists from the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment Battalion Group, shown on the Jumbo Screen, Target Field
Captain George Romick, Corporal Tucker Arnold, Warrant Officer Craig Loverin, Kate Loverin, Master Corporal Taylor Crozier, Mrs. Pheroza Merchant, Consul General Jamshed Merchant

Three Canadian Forces reservists were honored by thousands of American baseball fans for their service to North America during recent flag-raising ceremonies at Major League Baseball’s Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The reservists, part of the Canadian Army’s Lake Superior Scottish Regiment (LSSR) of Thunder Bay, Ontario, were invited by the Minnesota Twins to underscore the importance of the US–Canada defense and security relationship.

The closest training facility to Thunder Bay is actually in Minnesota, not Canada.

The LSSR, part of the Army’s 38 Canadian Brigade Group headquartered in Winnipeg, has long benefited from its proximity to Minnesota.

The LSSR conducts twice-yearly exercises at this facility, Camp Ripley, which has led to an ongoing and informal relationship between the Canadian Army and the Minnesota National Guard.

As Canada’s representative office in the U.S. Upper Midwest, the Canadian Consulate General in Minneapolis was instrumental in connecting the Minnesota Twins to the Canadian Forces.

“Seeing Canadian and U.S. soldiers stand side by side reinforced just how much Canadians and Americans truly are friends, neighbours and allies.” - Jamshed Merchant, Consul General of Canada in Minneapolis.

Last year, at the joint invitation of the two forces, Consul General Merchant traveled to Camp Ripley to observe a Canadian Forces training exercise.

As the United States and Canada continue to commemorate the bicentennial of the end of the War of 1812, Canada celebrates the Canadian-American security partnership and our 200th year of peaceful borders.