Celebrating Friendly Hockey Rivalries in Washington

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Cheering for Team Canada
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United in a love for the game
Sporting Team Canada mittens

As the NHL playoffs draw to a close, hockey fans in Canada and the United States are once again united in their love of the game.

With athletes from both countries playing on every team competing this year, the playoffs are also a time to recognize that hockey is not only unites us in the shared appreciation of the sport; hockey is also a valuable industry in both countries, and an opportunity for cross-border cultural exchange for players and fans alike.

The Canadian Embassy in Washington uses hockey as an opportunity to connect with local media and the community, as they did during the Winter Olympics.

When Canada and the U.S. faced off at centre ice for the women’s gold medal game, Team Canada stunned and excited the crowd with a come-from-behind victory. With the stakes raised, the Embassy opened its doors for the men’s semi-final, and again early the following morning to cheer the men’s team in their gold medal win.

The games brought together Canadian government workers, U.S. and international military officials, media and a wide variety of individuals from Capitol Hill and various U.S. government agencies.

Social media plays a huge role in the way modern audiences experience major sporting events. Fans cheer and groan along with their peers in real-time on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Connect2Canada joined in on the fun, tweeting throughout the hockey games and sharing a Vine video of the hubbub at the Embassy, celebrating Canadian culture with event partners Molson, Beaver Tails and the Hudson Bay Company.

Every four years, Canada’s Winter Olympic athletes show the world how they put our winter months to good use; and every four years, the Canadian Embassy in Washington has an opportunity to connect with their international colleagues outside of the boardroom and in front of a good ol’ hockey game.

By opening our doors to friends, neighbours and allies, Canada was happy to once again establish the Embassy in Washington as a destination for celebrating shared interests, open dialogue, and friendly competition.