Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)

The United States and Canada are natural partners in agriculture. Thanks to our shared standards and the successful integration of our supply chains we trade 50 Billion dollars bilaterally in food and agricultural commodities each year. Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling - or COOL - has disrupted U.S. supply chains leading to significant costs and inefficiencies. The World Trade Organization has - in multiple rulings - found mandatory COOL to violate the international trade obligations of the U.S. Following the final U.S. appeal, Canada will soon be authorized to retaliate against U.S. commodities. Find out more by referencing our one pager (PDF) which highlights how COOL negatively impacts both Canada and the U.S., and find out more how your state’s economy is supported by agricultural trade with Canada and could be impacted by possible retaliation. Let’s support jobs, families and communities by fixing COOL.

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